Keys to Success with GPS

Welcome to the Global Publishers Services site for booksellers where you will find everything you need to know to set up and manage the details of your GPS account, and review the customer service and payment options available to you.


GPS Account Set Up

You will require a separate GPS account to receive publisher direct terms, rather than wholesale terms.

For New Customers:

If you are a new customer to Baker & Taylor and wish to apply for a GPS account, please complete the new account opening form at the following link, and choose your business type: "Retail," and then choose "Retail NON US."


For Existing Wholesale Customers:


Please contact your GPS sales manager if you have an existing B&T wholesale account, and wish to add a GPS account.

  • We will automatically create a separate GPS account for you. On the account profile, we will copy your wholesale account preferences (freight forwarder, preferred carrier, backorder instructions, etc.), unless any changes are requested. Changes to your account profile can be requested through your GPS sales manager.
  • Your GPS account will be identified with a unique prefix beginning with a "W" - for example W123456. (Your wholesale account is identified with an "E" prefix - for example E123456.)
  • Your account name will be identified on your separate GPS bill to account as "your customer name - GPS".

Order Processing

Purchase orders for GPS can be processed via your existing ordering method. The following methods are available:

  • TS 360 - upload a system generated order (preferably excel format) or create an order on the site while logged into your GPS account. See below for TS 360 ordering details.
  • EDI - electronic ordering direct to Baker & Taylor customer service. Please contact your GPS sales manager if you want to set up EDI ordering.
  • Customer service - submit an order via email to [email protected]. Please include your GPS account number on all purchase orders and any email correspondences.

If you are a new customer and would like to set up a TS 360 account and have access to online customer service (OCS) please go to the link Passwords will be sent in a few business days.

Ordering with TS 360

As a Baker & Taylor customer, you have free access to TS 360, our comprehensive web-based ordering tool. You can search our entire product database, build shopping carts, transmit orders, and receive online confirmations of your orders. You can also view your invoices by accessing Online Customer Service (OCS) through TS 360.

If you are a new customer and would like to register for a TS 360 account and gain access to Online Customer Service (OCS) please go to the link Passwords will be sent in a few business days.

If you have both a wholesale and GPS account you will see two shopping carts once you login to your account. Please make sure you select the GPS shopping cart to place your GPS orders, and receive your GPS discount.

Here's some of what you can do using TS 360:

  • Personalize your profile to set your general search preferences
  • Use our powerful advanced search capabilities for super-targeted results
  • Save search terms and criteria for searches you use often
  • Find multiple items at once using batch entry of ISBNs
  • New Release calendar lists what's publishing every day of the month
  • Access all of our front list and backlist titles. Orders will be picked/packed separately in a Baker & Taylor box with a GPS label.
Create Carts and Order
  • View real-time inventory before you order
  • Filter carts based on inventory in your primary warehouse
  • Manage and organize carts to meet the needs of your business
  • Share carts amongst employees
  • Download cart contents into numerous file formats
Get Help When You Need It
  • Visit the built-in Help section for comprehensive guides on using TS 360
  • Access Online Customer Service (OCS) from within TS 360 for easy account management

Managing Your Account with Online Customer (OCS)

Once you have your TS 360 login, you will automatically gain access to OCS, our online account management system. Use it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to view, print, and email information related to your accounts, orders, backorders, and invoices.

EDI Ordering

If you would like to place your orders through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), we support formats such as XML, BISAC, EDIFACT, and X.12, and make every effort to maintain our standards to comply with most major automation vendors. For your convenience, electronic ordering is available with continuous confirmation Monday-Saturday 5 AM - 11 PM; and Sunday 7 AM - 12 Midnight, all times in EST.

Please contact your GPS sales manager if you would like to set up EDI ordering.

Payment Information

  • Open account with line of credit
  • Pre-paid accounts
  • Payments by credit card (incur a 2.5% fee)

Payments to Baker & Taylor can be made in the following ways:

Invoice Gateway Online Financial Management Tool

We've created an easy web-based tool to give you a convenient way to access your account information and access your invoices at any time. Using Invoice Gateway, you will receive email notifications when new invoices and statements are available, you can make secure payments, and download your invoices into a variety of software packages.

Packaging and Shipping

  • Purchase Orders will not combine with your wholesale orders, but will be consolidated if you are shipping via freight forwarder.
  • GPS orders will ship in a Baker & Taylor box with a GPS label.


  • Any returns requests made should be in line with your returns agreement with GPS (see your sales manager), should be pre-approved by your GPS sales manager, and will be will be processed on an affidavit basis. Please click the following link to access our affidavit return policy and procedures.
  • Affidavit return requests must be submitted to your GPS sales manager for approval. Once written approval has been granted, Baker & Taylor will need to receive an official certificate of destruction (COD) to process your credit. Please send the COD to customer service or your GPS sales manager with the approved claim, for processing.
  • Please note, some titles may not be eligible for return. Baker & Taylor will notify you of any non-returnable titles after reviewing your returns request.

Contact Information