This Month's Feature: 5-MINUTE THERAPY SERIES

Dr. Faith Harper offers no-nonsense self-help for the anxious, depressed, angry, stressed, stuck, and screwed.

Her bestselling titles include Unf*ck Your Brain, Unf*ck Your Intimacy, This is Your Brain on Anxiety, and many more. With generosity, humor, brain science, and plenty of cursing, she shows you how to get past the habits your brain has developed to protect you, but which no longer serve you.

5-Minute Therapy Series (Microcosm)


Author Videos and Book Trailers

Meet Claire Legrand, author of Furyborn (The Empirium Trilogy #1)

Claire Legrand

Chris Ferrie, children's book author

Chris Ferrie

The Bone Witch Trailer

The Bone Witch Trailer

The Paris Architect

The Paris Architect

Furyborn - Sun Queen

Furyborn - Sun Queen

Furyborn - Blood Queen

Furyborn - Blood Queen

Under the Bhodi Tree - 2018 Fall, Sounds True )

Under the Bhodi Tree

Yoga Bear - 2018 Fall, Sounds True

Yoga Bear

Pause Breathe Smile - 2018 Fall, Sounds True

Pause Breathe Smile

Overcoming Overwhelm - 2018 Fall, Sounds True

Overcoming Overwhelm

Trauma and the Unbound Body - 2018 Fall, Sounds True

Trauma and the Unbound Body